So since we live in a society that uses money as a method of exchange for goods and services, it has come to my attention that we might actually need some of it to continue to do things here at ANN. To help us with that goal we have set-up some options for donations to allow us to continue doing our work with the support of people who believe that nuclear energy is a necessary part of the drive for reducing emissions, improving our environment, and growing our economy.

For $5 CAD a month you can contribute to my ability to continue feeding myself. Can’t advocate for nuclear energy if I can’t afford instant ramen!

For $10 CAD/month you not only help provide me with delicious calories, but also give us the ability to begin to afford advertisements on social media to help expand our reach and get more people involved in the conversation about nuclear energy in Alberta

For $20 CAD/month we can start building up a supply of materials and funds to start putting on our own events with pamphlets and banners and possibly even balloons!

For $50 CAD/month you can help build up our travel budget so that we can take ANN to local communities and talk in person to people with questions or concerns about nuclear energy and build more support for all the possibilities that it can offer Albertans.

And finally the Pay What You Want button. For people that either have more than $50 to spend per month on nuclear education and advocacy, or just feel like donating an obscure number value (maybe you Really like prime numbers, who knows? I won’t judge though.) The minimum amount is $5 CAD per month since the plugin won’t let me put it any lower than that but after that the number is completely up to you.

Thank you in advance for your contributions and I hope that I can continue this work until everyone in Alberta can enjoy a clean and prosperous future however they see fit.

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