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Climate Coalition
” The climate crisis — and our government’s prolonged inability to take meaningful action — have brought us to the brink of desperation. We are outraged that, despite decades of escalating scientific alarms and warnings, little has been done to change the trajectory of our self-destructionIn the absence of federal leadership, we are doing the best we can to find and implement solutions. We are happy about the broadening support for renewables but troubled that progress building solar and wind power is slow going and has increased reliance on natural gas. With emissions continuing to rise, we need to achieve faster action eliminating fossil fuel use. Thus, we have found ourselves re-examining nuclear energy.  Despite our prior opinions—and some of us were very anti-nuclear—we now find the evidence that nuclear power is needed compelling. Given that nuclear energy provides the vast majority of our clean energy as well as the only source of reliable generation for base load energy, we can’t afford to squander this resource. As surprising as it is, the data also shows that nuclear power is the safest form of energy we have, especially when compared to burning fossil fuels.  It is clear that we absolutely need to preserve our current nuclear power, if we care to use every tool we have against climate change—which we do. We can no longer afford to be willfully misinformed or we stand to lose our battle against climate change.”

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