Our Mandate

Here at Alberta Nuclear Nucleus, we promote nuclear energy as an integral component in the transition towards less polluting energy generation for Alberta, Canada, and all of the Global Community. We aim to provide easy to grasp education about the details of nuclear power and work to dispel the myths and misunderstandings surrounding this foundational tool. This is pursuant to mitigating human impact on the environment while not sacrificing economic prosperity.

However, Alberta Nuclear Nucleus also understands that no one group has the social license to dictate or overwhelm the choices of others. Therefore we choose to work with other organizations who act towards creating a clean, modern energy system that puts environmental protection at the forefront, without requiring limitations or restrictions on the energy intensity of any persons lifestyle. Whether others prefer solar, wind, hydro, or geothermal energy, Alberta Nuclear Nucleus believes that all sources of clean energy have their niche and should be supported and encouraged to work together so that we can bring a brighter future into the present as fast as possible.

To this end we establish this Mandate; Alberta Nuclear Nucleus shall act in accordance with these guiding principles for the betterment of all Albertans, Canadians, and Global Citizens.

Alberta Nuclear Nucleus Shall work to:

  1. Encourage zero-emissions principles for Albertan infrastructure and operations, except for recreational or cultural purposes.
  2. Promote nuclear energy as the foundation for a new, high tech, stable economy in Alberta.
  3. Integrate all clean energy technologies into the energy landscape in the methods and practices that best suit their respective capabilities.
  4. Advocate retraining and skill transfer for displaced industry professionals that may otherwise be negatively impacted by an energy transition.
  5. Realize opportunities for economic expansion in all aspects of society as an effect of increasing the ease of access to low cost, clean energy.
  6. Support peoples’ right to self-determine the energy intensity of their lifestyle without censure by championing a regenerative abundance of energy for all applications.

You can copy out the image below if you wish to hand out our mandate on ANN themed letter head to others that you know who might be interested in learning what ANN stands for.

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