The Nucleus

Well, we’re taking the plunge now. I’ve started this site because I believe in nuclear energy. A bit of an obvious statement given the name of the site. But what I see in the world is a vast gulf between people who believe as I do and people who do not. I want to try and bridge that gap and hopefully bring a little understanding to both the fears and the hopes of this debate.

The goal of this site is not going to be the beratement of anti-nuclear view points into pro nuclear viewpoints, and it also will not be another dry “Just-the-facts” soapbox that so many pro-nuclear advocates seem to think will make their view point seem less daunting or more safely defensible. Facts are important, but without a human context to them they aren’t enough to give understanding to an issue. I will try to discuss pro’s and cons to everything I find interesting enough to warrant being put on this site but I will not hide my beliefs about these items behind some attempt at  impartiality. I know I’m not impartial but I can at least attempt to be thorough and fair.

I don’t know how this site might grow or change in the future but for now I will try and put topics into the perspective of my home province of Alberta, but that doesn’t mean I will avoid international news or developments. I’ll also try to have something reasonable update rate but I doubt it will conform to anything approaching a “regular schedule”.

Lastly, I hope to foster discussions on this topic and any related ones, so there is open invitations for people with differing and opposing viewpoints to meet and discuss the topics presented here. However, courtesy is free and people who do not at least attempt to display basic civility to others will not be tolerated. and while ignorance on topics is not a problem, repeated willful ignorance is and might earn you a spot on the Wall of “Fame”.

Wish me luck and I hope to have a lot of fun here!

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