A Nuke Nerd at the City of Edmonton Executive Committee

So there was no post last friday because I was busy writing and practicing the speech I gave yesterday.

It was to the Edmonton Executive Committee talking about Climate Change. Thanks to Aaron Hinman who recorded my speech and single question that was asked of me so you all don’t have to sit through 8 hours of city council hearings video to find the 7 minutes I am in

it was pretty packed in the room so he had to be on the far side to get any view of me at all.

And thank you to Concillor Mohinder Banga for the question!

The most shocking part of this whole day was that I only had one person come up to me to tell me that I was promoting poisoning the whole province with radiation.

If you are interested in what everyone else at the meeting had to say, the video and minutes of the meeting is available here but the video portion relating to the Edmonton Climate Targets only starts at approximately 4:37:15 of the video stream.

2 thoughts on “A Nuke Nerd at the City of Edmonton Executive Committee

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  1. The audio is very low. I have my speakers jacked right up but can’t hear what you’re saying. Is there any way to adjust the volume at this point? Also it would be great to have your slides posted.


    1. sadly the audio is a bit on the low side. other than increasing the youtube slider and jacking speakers up there isn’t much that can be done. And I didn’t really bother with slides as I only had two main points to make and both could be made verbally.


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