The Next Steps for ANN

Hello to everyone,

Almost since I started ANN people have reached out to either myself or Alberta Nuclear Nucleus in general and expressed interest in our goals and asked if there was anything they could do to help. And up until now, my answer was always, “not yet, but soon”.

Well, Soon has finally arrived. As of yesterday, ANN has finished the last hurdle I set for ourselves before I would let myself reach out to all of you and ask if you are still interested in helping us out wherever in Alberta you are. We have officially been recognized as a registered provincial NGO and have opened a business bank account. 

So what does this mean? It means that we will now be able to source income/donations from prospective investors/backers/partners/grandparents (Hi Nanny and Grampy!). And that money can be used to supply us and all of you who still wish to help out ANN with funds required for setting up events, making marketing/educational materials, making swag for outreach events and possibly even travel arrangements for conferences or training (that particular use will probably not be right away but I do hope that we can do that in the future)

Our plans for right now though are to create two wings of ANN to help support the main body, The Action Group and the Advisor Group. These groups will help reach out to the general population and provide information to those who ask for it. Some emails have already been sent out to those who have expressed interest in volunteering and local Albertans/ pillars of the nuclear community that might be interested in helping fledgling nuclear advocates respectively. However if you are interested in joining either of our new groups we are always open to welcome your help! Simply email me at and let me know how you wish to help out.

People who choose to volunteer will be able to be involved in all aspects of decisions about the discussions hosting our own events, planning appearances at events put on by other groups, talking about grants or opportunities to educate about or advocate for nuclear in Alberta. Once we make confirmations and schedules we will publish them on our Facebook group and page, Twitter and any other social media outlets that we choose to operate in.

So hopefully you all are still eager to help and I look forward to working with you and collaborating on how to bring nuclear to the forefront of the energy conversation all across Alberta.

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